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Our Garage Conversion Service In Chelmsford

Garage Conversion is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways of adding extra living space and value to your home. The family is expanding, the children want their own bedrooms, you’re working frequently from home now so you would like a home office. Whatever your reasons, converting a garage into a room is an excellent idea and is guaranteed to add more value to your home than the garage conversion cost itself. We are able to assist with design, planning and delivery of a garage conversion in Essex to suit your needs.

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logo, Essex garage conversions

Garage Conversion Ideas In Essex

While most people opt to convert their garage to create an office, playroom, or bedroom, there are plenty of other exciting ways you can enjoy your new space. Let us know your thoughts and we will try to progress your plans with a quick guide around feasibility, timelines and cost.

Garage Conversion in Essex
logo, Essex garage conversions

Our Conversion Process In Chelmsford



Identify what you want to use the converted Essex garage space for and decide on a theme.



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We’ll offer you an in person consultation and decide on the best style for your garage conversion in Essex.



A proposal, design and style will be prepared for you.



If an agreement is reached on the proposal, we’ll come transform your garage and give it a fresh new look. 


Garage Conversion Cost In Essex

On average, when it comes to garage conversion, you can expect to pay between £11,000 – £25,000 for your average conversion. However, like most home improvements, each project is unique and costs can vary depending on the state of, size and plans for, your garage.

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